The WolfPac 3100 roller's combination of rear drum ballasting and internal front drum vibration allows the operator to match the machine to the application. Centerpoint articulation, a short wheelbase, and high curb and minimum wall clearance on both sides make this roller incredibly effective in confined areas.
*A 18-hp Honda Twin engine and dual-drum drive delivers maximum power and optimal torque on flat as well as grades up to 30 percent. *Heavy-duty machined 35-in.-wide drums with tapered edges provide smooth asphalt finishes. *4-in-1 control includes forward, reverse and neutral drives along with a vibration button. *Contemporary styling with contoured hood delivers optimum air flow to the engine. *Rugged, yet lightweight hood swings away to provide access to the engine compartment. *Adjustable seat, tilted steering wheel and conveniently located controls facilitate effortless productivity. *Roomy operator compartment provides maximum space and comfort with an unobstructed line of sight to drums, sides, front and back. *Optional ROPS. Manufacturer: Stone Model: 3100