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Blue Star offers day, week and month rates on every machine. We also have a weekend special rate on all machines and a half day rate (4hrs) on certain machines. Call us to reserve anything (803) 593-5151.

Blue Star has exceptional equipment with an average fleet age of only 27 months! Cash Customers welcome.

Skidsteer Loaders                                                                   Carry Deck Cranes, (8.5-15ton)
Track loaders

Skidsteer attachments:                                                             Plate Tamps
Auger 12” or 24”                                                                      Stomper Tamps
4-n-1 bucket                                                                            Vibratory Asphalt /dirt Rollers
dirt bucket                                                                
Grapple Bucket                                                                         3500PSI and 2300 PSI Pressure Washers
Pallet Forks                                                                              20" Surface Cleaners
                                                                                                Submersible & Centrifugal Pumps
Bull Dozers 450 up to D8                                                            2", 3" 4" 6"      
                                                                                                Sewer Snakes (Electric & Manual)
Excavators Mini, Midi & 225 Class                                                                        
                                                                                                Aluminum Brakes (10’-6”) & Port-O-Slitter
Backhoe Loaders mid size, Full Size w/4n1 E-stick
  Trailers: Tilt & Utility                                                              Floor Tools:
   7' x 10' 6,800lbs Dump Trailers                                                Electric Stapler (9/16”)
   Tilt 16' 8,800 lbs                                                                    Carpet Kicker
   5x8 utility                                                                              Carpet Stretcher
                                                                                                Floor Sanders & Edger’s
 Trenchers                                                                                Tile strippers
 Ride on 4' deep 6" cut                                                              100lb Vinyl roller
 Ez trencher 13" deep saw 2" wide                                             1600rpm Floor Buffer
 24" Tencher Vermeer 4" cut                                                      2250cfm Floor Dryer

 36" trencher Track-type with trailer                                         WB Surface Grinders Gas or electric                                         

                                                                                                General Tools:
 Boom Lifts                                                                               Table Saw
 Range from 34'-80' (working height 40'-86'                                 Slide Compound Saw
 Straight and "Z" articulating Booms                                           Belt Sander
 Electric, Diesel and dual fuel                                                   Door planer
                                                                                               7 ¼” Circular Saw
                                                                                               Wet/dry Vacuum
                                                                                              Carpet extractor

Scissor Lifts:                                                                           Welder / Metal Tools                                     
Range from 19’ – 32’ (working height 21’-32’)                          ¾” Impact Wrench DW296
Electric, Diesel & Dual Fuel                                                     Body Repair Kit 10ton
Rough Terrain available in 32’                                                 Port-O- Band saw                                                
Single manlift up to 36' reach                                                  Metal Dectector
Forklifts (load cap. 5K-12K)                                                     Pipe Cutter
                                                                                              Pipe Threader W/ Stand                                 
Telehandlers 19-52’reach, 5-12K lift Capacity                          Magnetic Sweeper
6’ Perry Scaffold                                                                    2ton Chain Hoist 20’ Cable
2’ x 5’ Ladder Frames                                                            2tonHydraulic Folding Crane (Engine Hoist)
2’ x 6’ Ladders Frames                                                           6,000 lb Pallet jack
5’ x 5’ Ladder Frames                                                            1000 lb Capacity Ramp
7’ Aluminum Walk Boards                                                    
Guard rails                                                                              Compressors, Pneumatic tools, & Paint
Screw jacks                                                                             60 lb & 90 lb Breakers
Coupling Pins, Toggle Pins, & Braces                                        185-375 Cfm Air Compressors
Wheels                                                                                    50’ 1” air hoses
                                                                                              20 Ton Bottle Jacks
Concrete Tools:                                                                       Sharpshooter Ceiling Hopper
Concrete Buggies                                                                    Airless Paint Sprayers
4.5” Side Grinder                                                                    Roofing, Framing, Floor & Finish Nailers
5” Concrete Surfacer                                                              Twin Stack Air Compressors & 50’ Hose
Electric Breakers W/bits                                                         Striping Machine
Combo Hammer-Drills                                                             Handicapped Paint stencil for HC parking space
Demolition Hammers                                                              Light Towers/Generators:
Bull Floats W/ handles                                                            3KW – 500KW Generators
Concrete Vibratory                                                                 4,000watt Light Towers
10” Tile Saws
Ramset Hilti Guns                                                                  Site Tools:

14” Handheld Concrete Saw                                                  David White Auto Laser Kit 2150
                                                                                           David white transit LTP6-900 200’ Range
65CM & 95CM Concrete Mixers                                           
855PM 9cf Mortar Mixers                                                      Lawn/Garden
Core drills W/Vacuum Pump                                                 24” Poly Lawn Roller
2”-6” Core drill Bits                                                             2 man Augers 6” or 8” Bit
18” Walk Behind Floor Saw                                                   Front or Rear Tine Tillers                               
14” Block/Brick Saw W/Stand                                               18” 4HP Aerators
                                                                                           13HP 24” Walk Behind Brush Cutters
                                                                                           5HP 20” Dethatchers
Material Handling/ Ladders                                                  5.5HP 12” Sod Cutters
32’ Extension Ladders                                                          20” Articulating Hedge Trimmers
8' Step Ladder                                                                     10” x 6” Chipper
12" Step ladder                                                                   Pole saw 16'
Aluminum Walk Boards 2' x 7’                                              hydraulic Stump Grinder
24' Duct Lift                                                                        155BT Back Pack Blower and WB
Folding Ramp 1000lbs                                                          24” Chain Saw
Drywall Dolly                                                                      24” Double Hedge Trimmer
Panel Lifts                                                                          Straight Shaft Trimmer (Weed Eater)
Hand Trucks 600lbs & 1000 lbs                                             Sod Cutter
Appliance Dolly 700lbs                                                         80lb Manual Spreader
Oak covered dolly                                                               10” Pro-Edgers
                                                                                          25Ton Log Splitters

Climate Control:

Portable heaters

Portable AC units

Swamp Coolers